. Andy A_Dog Williams Skatepark Mural.

Jozie was commissioned by the non-profit Friends For A_Dog to create a mural for the Andy A_Dog Williams Skatepark in Burlington, Vermont. This state of the art skatepark was named in honor of Andy Williams a.k.a. DJ A_Dog who was a vibrant force within the Burlington community and beyond. Andy was the epitome of generosity, positivity and curiosity. His passion and innovativeness in music, skateboarding, and art earned him recognition as a musical talent and cultural icon. In December of 2012, Andy was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and died on December 26, 2013 from complications after undergoing a bone marrow transplant.  This mural, painted on 8′ x 4′ board as a permanent installation in the skatepark, is a visual memorial to Andy as well as a representation of the beautiful Burlington community. Dealer.com generously sponsored the mural painted with Holbein acrylic paint donated by Vermont Art Supply.