Jozie Furchgott Sourdiffe’s work reflects a fascination with anatomy and the juxtaposition of human culture to the natural world. She has always been interested in the power of art as a voice and vehicle of social change. Recently her work has focused on the complexity of illness and disease and the cycle of life and death, a subject that is ordinarily avoided in contemporary western dialogue. This current body of work features large paintings with gold altar piece panels heavily influenced by Renaissance era religious art and relics. Although Jozie’s work is not religious, she is drawn to how death and the physical form of human suffering is portrayed.

Jozie was born in Lincoln, Vermont in 1986. She works in various mediums but predominantly in printmaking, painting, and handmade Artists Books. She received her BFA from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA in 2008. Jozie has had her work exhibited in various solo and group shows including being a featured artist in this years’s “Any Day: Artist’s On Death” at the Gage Art Academy in Seattle, Washington.

In a more commercial vein, Jozie founded her company Feisty Ink Designs in 2008. Feisty Ink is a collection of wearable art through handmade resin jewelry and hand printed silk screened apparel. Her work is sold at various boutiques and artist markets. In 2011, after a nine month apprenticeship, Josie received her tattoo license and has built a large following over the years for her custom surrealist pieces that have introduced a fine art approach in contrast to the usual iconography associated with tattoo culture. In 2010 Jozie was hired by Brown Buffalo design studio to design the Fall/Winter 2012 outerwear line for SpecialBlend. Also within the action sports world, Burton Snowboards commissioned Jozie to do a custom design for the women’s Talent Scout board that will be released internationally in 2016. Burton describes the design as “Bad-ass with a touch of sass in an action-packed board” in their rep magazine. Recently Jozie was commissioned by S H I R A to design the cover of her album Subtle Creatures that is set to be released in the fall of 2015. Within all of these diverse mediums, commercial and non, Jozie’s style is distinct and immediately recognizable while constantly expanding and evolving.

feistyink@gmail.com . www.feistyinkdesigns.etsy.com

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